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Feel Free To Hire Our Regional Possum Catchers In Sunbury 

With verified possum trappers by our side, Pest Control Sunbury always provide on-time possum removal services. We, as the possum removal Sunbury team, are trained to deliver quality possum pest control services. Be it a dark corner of your attic or hiding spots on the rooftops, we catch possums with care and later leave them in a safe place (usually 50m away). It is also an open fact of ours that we use eco-friendly solutions for any kind of possum removal. So, call us on 0344 224 687 to trap possums safely! 

Things To Know On How To Identify Possums in Sunbury

To know which type of possums among many different species invaded your property, you have to know a few details about common possums. They are as follows: 

  • Common Brushtail Possum
  • Possums are silver-grey, gold, black and brown in colour 
  • Have prehensile (easy access to grasp tree branches) and bushy tails
  • Large pointed ears with 30 to 35 cm long body
  • Eats flowers, fruits, buds, seasonal leaves and nectar. 
  • Common Ringtail Possum
  • Grey in colour with white patches under the eyes and a cream-coloured stomach
  • A tail that has a white tip at the end 
  • Body length is about 30 to 35cm  
  • Diet mainly depends on fruits and flowers of the lower canopy. 

What Action Does Our Possum Removal Sunbury Team Take Against Possums? 

While catching or removing possums, our possum removal Sunbury team does not forget that they are protected by law. Hence, we do not kill them and instead apply other removal methods. See how we do this. 

  • Trap them using visual luring, where we attract possums with peanut butter sprinkling of sugar and fresh fruits.
  • Leave them within 50m of an invaded property.
  • Install special fencing to keep possums away from your place.
  • To give an alternative home to possums, we built nesting boxes. 

We Trap Possums Safely In Cages. How Will You Know If We Perfected The Job?

Although not as serious as other pests, possums can be a nuisance creating ones. So, we trap them safely with one-way cages and other few effective methods. To prove that we did a good job of catching them, we will let you hear the noises possums make after getting caught. The noises you can hear are shrieking, lip-smacking, clicking for calling their babies. Also, we secure all the possum entry points like chimneys, gaps or any other holes to avoid future infestation.

Points On How Important Possum Removal Is 

Once possums start residing in your garden or any other place in your home, it is a hard task to remove them. The importance of humane possum removal is here: 

  • Disturb the peace of your pets
  • Mess up the garbage bins outside of the home
  • Wrecks your home with their droppings
  • Ruin the lawn in search of food
  • Diseases from both alive and dead possums.

How Helpful Are We To Make Possum-Free Property In Sunbury? 

Besides deterring the possums with natural repellents like bleach, garlic, scents, etc, you have another option for possum removal. That is, to look for professional possum removal services. We are one possum removal company that provides helpful services like: 

  • Residential Possum Removal

There is no possum removal Sunbury services like ours that works like magic in getting rid of possums in just one day. We use all the latest tools and assure to give you back a healthy home with zero possums. Because we are the best possum catchers in Sunbury.

  • Commercial Possum Removal

Possums create havoc in commercial places like hotels, malls, hospitals, etc. So, invest in our possum removal cost to protect any of your commercial places from possums invasion. We remove possums while coming in direct contact with them. 

  • General Possum Removal

Sealing away all possum entry points avoids future possum entry. But what about the already existing possum and its family? Worry not. Although possums are intelligent and notorious, we trap them easily with our possum pest control methods. 

  • Emergency Possum Removal Service

If you are facing diseases like spotted fever and relapsing fever, it is an indication your place needs an emergency possum removal service. Because if you neglect this sign, you may get infected with many other diseases. So, call us today! 

We Have Expertise In Doing A Safe Dead Possum Removal Service

One of the methods we opt for safe dead possum removal is to make a plastic garbage bag to take away the carcass. In fact, we also have a 3-step dead possum removal method, for which we do the inspection, remove dead possum and clean the area. You already know that dead possums carry various pathogens and bad odours. Hence, we take it upon ourselves to take down their carcasses from any corner of your home. Further, we sanitise and disinfect your affected area before leaving.

Reasons To Hire Us For Possum Removal Sunbury Services 

You have many reasons to look for an experienced possum removal Sunbury team for possum removal. In the same way, we also have reasons why you need to choose us as a possum removal company. 

  • Years Of Experience: Our experience in the field of offering possum removal service is a mix of solid skills and knowledge. Moreover, we practically get rid of all chances of possum re-entry into your homes. 
  • Certified Experts: Taking care of humane possum removal is always possible only with our certified experts. We are a trustworthy team that is legally licensed too! 
  • Use The Finest Technology: To be one step ahead of possums learning about their own removal methods, we use the finest technology ways. This way, possums get easily caught by our possum catcher. 
  • Affordable Service: How possums are protected by law, you are protected by our affordable possum removal cost. So, look no more of a company in possum removal near me checklist and hire our experts! 
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Do you provide the same day possum removal Sunbury service? 

Yes, we do provide same-day possum removal Sunbury service. 

What are a few important possum control tips? 

Important tips to control possums are:
– Cutting down the possum food
– Preventing access to the garden
– Sprinkle predator hair around your place, etc. 

Do the sounds of hissing and low growling from my attic mean, my home has possums? 

Yes, noises like growling and hissing are a few of the common signs of possum invasion into a home.

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