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We offer you safe, effective and professional ant control services in Sunbury. Our ant control Sunbury team is trained to detect, diagnose and control ants using cutting-edge technology. Whether you have an ant infestation in the open garden area or in any hard to reach corner on your property, we can help. The fact that Australia hosts more than 1300 species of ants and most of which are harmful, we make it certain that you receive an ant extermination service on the same day. Also, our ant treatments are pocket-friendly. Here’s what you can expect from our ant control Sunbury services: 

  • Customer-friendly and reliable pest controllers.
  • On-time service and long-lasting results.
  • Active for emergency ant pest control service. 
  • Use of modern tools and techniques for ant control. 
  • Complete removal of ants. 

You are free to schedule us for ant control anytime, anywhere in Sunbury. Call us directly for bookings at 0344 224 687.  

Ant Species In Sunbury And Our Treatments For Their Effective Controls

Ants can be a major problem at your place as they can bite, spread infections and cause property damage. Among hundreds of ant species found in Sunbury, below are the most common ones that we treat and control regularly. 

  • Odorous House Ants Removal Service: 

Odorous ants are tiny in size and fast at movement. Usually, they travel in lines and are black. Further, they mostly feed on sweet and protein-based food. To remove odorous white ants, we treat the area with ant killers.  

  • Pharaoh Ants Removal Service:

Pharaoh ants are small in size and yellow and light brownish. Although they are not dangerous for your place, they do spread a lot of pathogens like salmonella. Well, worry not! In our Pharaoh ant pest control service, we destroy the parent colony and make your property ant-free in no time. 

  • Carpenter Ants Removal Service: 

The nuisance that carpenter ants create is they infest your wooden structures and hollow them from within. These are of size about 8-25 mm and have black bodies. To get rid of carpenter ants, we mostly use soap-based solutions on the affected area. 

  • Pavement Ants Removal Service:

Pavement ants often make their nest under the pavement cracks. Mostly brown and black and can infest all structures. To remove Pavement ants, our qualified ant controllers make sure to kill the queen ant by using liquid baits near the infestation. 

Why You Must Not Ignore Ant Infestation At Your Property?

Ants are one of the most common insects in homes and other structures. Further, one should never ignore ant sightings at all. This is because ants have strong tendencies to create a nuisance by contaminating food, property damage and spreading infections. A few ants are even poisonous too (fire ants, bullet ants, etc.). Therefore, there is a strong need for regular inspection and spraying for ants in Sunbury. 

Our Effective Ant Control Process That Gives Permanent and Long-lasting Results

Get the best-quality ant treatment in Sunbury. We are the destination for the right ant control service. All our ant exterminators are equipped with the latest tools and right knowledge to offer both residential and commercial ant control services. Here’s a three-step Ant Control Sunbury process we follow for quality ant treatment. 

  1. Ant inspection: Our ant inspectors will visit your place for an inclusive inspection of ants. It will help us to know the real situation of ants on your property. Inspection includes details on- types of ant species, level of nesting, infestation location, colony lifetime, trails and the damage done. 
  2. Customised Ant treatment: Following the inspection, we will make a customised ant eradication plan. Further, we mostly use spraying for ants and baiting methods. Also, all of our chemical sprays used during treatment are less toxic and safe. Post-treatment, we remove all the ants including their droppings and sanitise the area. 
  3. Follow up: We end the service by sharing a report on the treatment done. Plus, suggest follow-up services (If needed in near future). Moreover, you get to enjoy ongoing ant prevention tips from our Ant Control Sunbury specialists for free. 

Actively Taking Bookings For Ant and Other Pest Control Services Sunbury-Wide

We offer all-time support to our Sunbury clients. Being one of the most-called companies in Sunbury, we make sure to reach clients on the same day as calling us. Further, our Ant Control Sunbury business is extended to Sunbury-wide. We have licensed pest controllers who control ants, flies, fleas, moths, cockroaches and rodents, etc. No matter if you have an ant or any other pest issue in Sunbury, we are a single phone call away. 

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Q. Is it safe for my pets to stay in the home during indoor ant control? 

Yes, all our ant control products are pet and kid-safe. So, you can stay in while pest treatment is going on. However, we still recommend staying or keeping your pets away from the treated room for at least 4-5 hours. 

Q. Is one ant control service enough? 

For permanent and effective ant control, it is ideal to get rid of the entire ant colony. According to the size of the ant colony and its location, your place may need one or multiple visits. Further, the treatments may vary between gels, baits and spraying. For more details on ant control visits, feel free to call us on our toll-free number.   

Q. How long after ant control service results will be visible? 

Ant control results are quick and instantly visible. However, as per the kind of challenge you are facing, it may take hours or a day to make the ants inactive or dead. Therefore, you can wait for a day to see effective results. 

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